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International incomings: degree-seeking and exchange students

Aalen University extends a warm welcome to all prospective students, whether you have lived in Aalen or its surroundings your entire life or come from halfway across the globe. 

You will find application procedures for studying at Aalen University when clicking the submenu. Depending on your status go to degree seeking students or to exchange students

Underneath, you will find general information about the university and the state of Baden-Württemberg in which we are located: learn more about the outstanding educational, cultural and industrial opportunities in this German "Land."

Studying at Aalen University

10% of the overall student population at Aalen University consists of international students coming from more than 50 different countries. Aalen University is a modern university where academic excellence in both teaching and research is a standard not to be compromised. This fact is confirmed by the numerous technology transfer centres of the institution, the library, which is very well stocked in the engineering sciences, for instance, and the scientific facilities which are modernly equipped at the very edge of technology.

A variety of opportunities is available for you to choose from. Founded in 1963 as a state engineering school and transformed into a university of applied sciences in 1971, Aalen University currently hosts 4000 students studying in the university's five academic schools, which are Chemistry, Electronics & Computing Science, Management & Business Sciences, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Technologies and Optics & Mechatronics.

Students are taught by about 120 professors. In addition to the academic staff, there are another 150 personnel plus a considerable number of student services units, all providing services to allow for an ideal study environment. A further 100 part-time employees coming from private companies (managers, engineers etc.) lecture on special subjects, supplying a perfect link between theory and practice.

Being fully aware of the importance of your decision about where to study, the university management  invites you to navigate through this website. We can ensure you that we will do our best to make your studies as productive, rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Aalen University's motivation for internationalisation is firmly rooted in its mission and educational policy. Therefore, an increasing part of the newly instituted curricula contains international aspects. Aalen University firmly believes that contact between people from different nations promotes mutual understanding, cultural and business relationships and friendship.

Aalen University is member of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Association of Universities (HRK).

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The Black Forest, Heidelberg, the Stuttgart Ballet, Porsche, Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, Carl Zeiss Optik and SAP are all names of global significance. However, not only global players but also many small and medium-sized international engineering companies positively influence the state's economy.

Situated at the heart of the European economic market, Baden-Württemberg has a truly cosmopolitan character, a large cultural diversity and beautiful landscapes, all contributing to an excellent quality of life. Being one of the most economically competitive German states, it is no surprise that almost one quarter of Germany's research and development capacity is concentrated in Baden-Württemberg. It is among the German states with the largest number of universities, many of which are internationally renowned. 

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You will find information about the life in Germany here.

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