Studien- und Abschlussarbeiten


* Dieses Thema wurde/wird bereits bearbeitet.
Jahr:  2011
Studiengang:  Augenoptik / Augenoptik & Hörakustik
Kategorie:  Bachelorarbeit
Erstbetreuer:  Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl
Zweitbetreuer:  Dr. Verena Rath
Ersteller: Annett Goepfert

Today, the customer plays the leading role in the focus of the service segment. In particular, the individual consultation is frequently necessary. However, this includes the adviser`s consultation for the customer upon his/her wishes. The demarcation of competing companies has become essential for the modern and successful optician. Moreover, the higher level of qualification and competence is linked with this demarcation. Therefore, the introduction of the optometry-study with its final title "Bachelor of Science" has the aim to contain an international and uniform standardization in Europe.

A vital component to achieve this standardization is to expect the optician to show method competence for manuals and serving. Furthermore, he/she should be able to empathize with customer`s needs by social competence. Additionally he/she should show a feeling of interest and sympathy. As a result, it is important to be able to advice the customer in an understandable language. This showes not only self-assurance and supports expertise, but creates trust and a connection to the customer.

With this guide and work book the advisors services should be learnt, be improved and be simplified. The autostudy is the most important part and is the basis on which this work book is founded. Words are explained and are introduced with examples. Afterwards, the subject areas are repeated in exercises for applying the learned. The word lists that are added to the chapters support the understanding of the texts and of the technical terms. Besides, a dictionary is enclosed to the appendix and provides the basic vocabulary. Finally, the basic knowledge of the English language and grammar are explained.

This work book is developed for the lecture "Management Skills Optometry and Audiology in English". In summary, the aim of this work book is to achieve the necessary self-confidence and expertise for the English advisory service. The acquired competence should be expressed in an internationally understandable way. Furthermore, it should be applied to internships abroad or to semesters that are spent abroad. Finally, the examination of the partial module is integrated in a covering module check.

Schlagworte: English optometry management skills manual work book serving selling consultation