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Coating test procedures and their significance according to product

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Jahr:  2011
Studiengang:  Augenoptik / Augenoptik & Hörakustik
Kategorie:  Bachelorarbeit
Erstbetreuer:  Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl
Externer Betreuer: Carl Zeiss Vision
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Frey
Ersteller: Marcel Gerstenlauer

Objective: To enhance the function of spectacle lenses, specific layers are coated on the lens surface. Today, coating test procedures are used to control the efficiency and the quality of these coatings. In this thesis specific test procedures have been analyzed to significance and reliability according to quality attributes like product performance, process stability and market performance of spectacle lens coatings.

Methodical approach: Test results of the last two years have been statistically evaluated to a specific developed analysis schedule. The comparison between surface damages on test samples and complained lenses from the market should provide information about the market performance.

Results: All the investigated coating test procedures are able to verify the quality attributes product performance and process stability. Because of the small number of comparable products from the market, it is not possible to give a clear statement about market performance. The analysis provided new results about the continuity and reproducibility of the test procedures. A correlation between samples within the same order can lead to the conclusion that the sample size of specific tests can be reduced. In some cases there is also need for action to improve the process capability.

Conclusion: In general the analysis schedule is highly suited for validating coating test procedures and can be customized to own needs. The registration of individual data is essential for the analysis and has to be improved.

Schlagworte: Six Sigma Process Coating Test Procedures Carl Zeiss Vision Market Performance
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