Studien- und Abschlussarbeiten

Meibomian Gland Study

Jahr:  2015
Studiengang:  Vision Science and Business (Optometry)
Kategorie:  Masterarbeit
Erstbetreuer:  Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl
Externer Betreuer: Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR, USA

To investigate the relationship between meibomian gland physiology and contact lens wear. Aim of Study:  Contact lens wearing schedule, materials, and lens care products will be investigated in conjunction with meibomian gland physiology and patient comfort ratings.  Results of the study will then be compared to the Arita study from Japan.  Meibomian glands will be assessed through the use of infra-red images obtained with the Oculus Pentacam; tear break-up time will be assessed with the placido-ring analyzer function in the Oculus Keratograph.