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The "Master of Science in Vision Science and Business" degree program offers a broad range of study modules to choose from in optometric curriculum. A large part of the Vision Science courses are taught by professors from renowned U.S. optometric institutions

The master degree program can be taken on a part-time basis and allows one to continue full time practice. The lecture presentations for each module are offered intensively over an extended weekend (Friday to Tuesday) every month. Elective modules are available for a two week study in the U.S. at either The New England College of Optometry (Clinical Optometry) and/or the Pacific University (Vision Therapy, Pedriatic Optometry, Sports Vision).

The structure of the degree program allows the student to choose modules in areas of their preference to develop advanced knowledge and/or sub-specialization. The required scores and choices of courses than can be chosen is detailed in the section "refer to the study" and examination regulations.

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04.05.2012 |  Pacific College of Optometry hosts Aalen master students for week of learning
By Wanda Laukkanen
“It’s very nice for us to see a different kind of optometry.” That’s Simon Jakel, a master’s degree candidate in optometry from Aalen, Germany, who echoed the thoughts of many of...
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